The perfect companion to the outdoor pool or spa

Product Details

  • The Fabrico Screen Dome is a new product that combines our original 12-mil vinyl material and a new strong 11-ounce mesh screen.
  • The Fabrico Screen Dome has a vinyl beanie on top and screen material starts at the bend in the poles of the framework.
  • The Fabrico Screen Dome still gives you some of the heating effects of our original vinyl dome, but it allows for increased ventilation for the warmer climates.
  • The Fabrico Screen Dome still will keep your pool free from debris, dirt, and bugs just like the original.
  • The Fabrico Screen Dome comes in three colors blue, black, and forest green. Also the dome has one door like the original.
  • The Fabrico Screen Dome is a custom cover that requires you to take a few measurements off your pool.  Click here to see meaurements page.


We are now making domes for most soft-sided pools. We have developed a bracket that clamps onto most soft-sided pools. Soft-sided domes come in vinyl and screen just like our aboveground domes. Please click below to see pictures and our instruction manuel.

  • Soft-Sided domes
Soft-Sided manuel